What I Do

Software developer
My Job concerned with facets of the software development process. my work includes researching, designing, implementing, and testing software. some time me also take part in design, computer programming, or software project management. This may contribute to the overview of the project on the application level rather than component-level or individual programming tasks.

Computer Maintenance and Repair
Along with most of my other interests, the skills have gained in computer repair and maintenance have been self-taught. I have a passion to help those in need and although I want to help people fix their computers, I also want to help teach them how to do it themselves, if they are open to learning. However, I am completely capable of doing it myself.

I am skilled in the areas of malware removal, file backup and synchronization, online security, cleanup and removal of old or unneeded files, and client education.

Database Administrator
I have all of those skills which are necessary for configuration and maintainance of databases. My role is to develop and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. This may also include plan, co-ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database.

Website Development
I have just recently gotten into building websites powered through WordPress. I have constructed this one all on my own, with only some tips from some helpful friends. I am working on two other websites at the moment and plan to have them completely built by the end of this summer. If you would like a professional website built, feel free to contact me regarding price and time. Seeing that I am still new to this aspect of technology, it will be less expensive, but I ensure you that it won’t look like someone who didn’t know what they were doing constructed it.

Social Media
Social Media is a big interest of mine. I have an account with pretty much every social network out there, whether it’s popular or not. Social Media requires continuous education and somewhat of a learning curve to master. I learn new things every day in the worlds of blogging, Twitter and Google+. That said, I do feel that I have a solid understanding of how it works and have developed many skills that are beneficial to you.

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