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About Me

I am Amitoz Singh, a Software programmer/Web Developer/Database Administrator /System Analyst, graduate from Sheridan College with a Certification/Diploma in Computer Science (Software Engineering).

I have an adaptability to change, ability to work in teams, under high pressure and to solve problems efficiently and achieve productivity goals set by the company and my work group .
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Skills & Attributes.

  • Java
    Object Oriented Java, EnterPrise Java , Java Servlets. Knowledge of Basic Concepts..etc
  • HTML5 & CSS3
    presentation of Web pages in Professional way…
  • Javascript & Jquery
    able to create Dynamic Website using JavaScript…etc
  • Word Press
    Able to create website using wordpress in less time…
  • Database Administration
    knowledge of creating and organizing database in professional manner using SDLC method..
  • My SQL
    proper knowledge of database functionalioty ,Knowledge of advance queries,…etc
  • php
    Good in using Php as a Server side Language and Implementation with database
  • TCP/IP Model
    Most of the networking Concept is cleared ,thinking to get CCNA Certification..
  • UML
    Know the importance of UML(Unified Modeling Language ),
  • Android Application Development
    know How to create small Android Apps..
  • Mac OsX & Windows
    comfortable with using both operating to do troubleshooting..
  • Jquery & Jquery Mobile
    Awareness of using Jquery to make websites more impressive.

I Always try to keep my Skills & Attributes Area as current as possible, but my LinkedIn profile and Resume are always up to date.

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